About Us

Customer-focused attitude

Since its foundation our company’s main goal has been the long-term satisfaction of our customers. Our mission is the implementation of high quality, innovative and flexible solutions which are able to reliably serve users even after years of added modifications and development.

About Us

Our colleagues are highly qualified professionals in multiple disciplines. We specialize in developing web, mobile based and desktop applications, or even formulating complex IT systems by combining these solutions. Additionally, we are also skilled in providing consultation regarding business processes or IT infrastructure. As our company has evolved from research projects, in addition to the usually expected services we have experience in implementing machine learning, datamining and mathematically optimized algorithms as well.

Our commissions are usually project oriented, but we often apply other constructions like time-based billing. We favor agile development approaches and continuous communication with our clients, although we can adapt to our customers’ preferences and have worked multiple times as subcontractors following specifications according to a waterfall model.

In our projects we are not simply following specifications, we prioritize maintaining exceptional code quality. In order to do so, we follow a so called feature branching strategy and only allow code to be included in the main development branch which has been reviewed by at least one other, more experienced colleague in addition to the programmer. This way we guarantee the quality of our program code and help our colleagues in learning from each other.