Danstream music streaming app

The application tailored to the needs of dancers has a complex search function, which makes it easy to find content among the 20,000 songs available.


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The DanStream music streaming application makes is possible for users to access more than 20,000 music tracks. The application was developed for DanceSport Digital s.r.o. and focuses on dance music for competitive dancers. The apps, which are available for both iOS and Android, contain several features useful for dancers, such as tempo adjustment or downloading and playing music in offline mode. The app, which has been available to the public since the beginning of 2022, has great success among the users and due to the continually deployed new features, more and more people are subscribing to the service.

Numerous features

The services of the DanStream apps are available for a monthly subscription fee. After payment is processed through the AppStore or GooglePlay the user can access the music collection and can play any of the tracks. Subscription is only necessary for playback, every other function is accessible in the free version, such as favourite-ing tracks, creating playlists, being informed about the newest releases on the home page, and of course browsing the wide range of music available.


For dancers

The success of the application is the result of the exclusive music content - which is unavailable on other streaming services - and the connected complex search function. Users can also search tracks by combining multiple search criteria. Due to the continuously updated index tables the search runtime itself is still low regardless of the complexity the search criterie.

One of the most important component in DanStream is the real-time tempo adjustment (Beat Per Minute = BPM) of the tracks. The native iOS and Android streaming modules are not suitable for this functionality, so a custom developed music player manages the playback of tracks. As the component was custom developed it could be optimized to the demands of the system, and the music player is stable and highly reactional in present day’s solution.

Consistent appearance

The web application danstream.app is an ASP.Net Core solution, which runs on Microsoft Azure, and utilizes its Azure SQL, Cosmos DB and BLOB Storage services. The mobile applications, in essence, are thin web clients containing a web browser, in which the apps’ user interface is based on HTML. This way it can be ensured that in all instances the two applications appear the same to the users. Only some functions, which are connected to the operating system or the device, had to be implemented in the native environment of the platform.

The webpage apart from marketing capacity, is also the point of access to the administration for the owners. In addition to the obvious import and maintenance functions it also includes complex report export options. The system records even the tiniest of actions in connection to music playing so that the tables can be generated for the calculation of the royalties.