Finant the flat-rate tax solution

Finant makes it possible for self-employed entrepreneurs who chose the flat-rate tax approach in Hungary to handle their tax returns with a few clicks, and allows them to monitor their taxes and contributions.





After the regulation changes of September 2022, many Hungarian self-employed entrepreneurs were forced to choose the flat-rate tax approach, thus greatly increasing the administration burden compared to former solutions. Finant is an accounting application, which allows flat-rate tax entrepreneurs to handle their tax returns without significant accounting knowledge.

Do your own bookkeeping!

Finant is our company’s first self-funded project, which we accomplished together with Ügyvitel.Net Kft. The application collects the user invoices directly from the online system of the National Tax Office. The users only have to record the actual invoice payments into Finant, and the system calculates the taxes and contributions, sends e-mail notifications regarding tax return or payment deadlines, reminds the user about available tax exemption limits, and fills in the tax return form required by the National Tax Office with a simple click of button.